“She made some really clear symbolic moves. I mean at the end of season 1 she travels and goes on Cosimas side. And I think for me that’s a true act of love and it’s a true act of solidarity and what not. And I think also in terms of season 2 you guys just saw, that she is at a huge DYAD party kissing her girl. For me this is pretty affirmative ??and I think that’s kinda cool of her. She is not making a huge parade out of it. She is just like: it is what it is.”

                                                                     Evelyne Brochu

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  • What Delphine said:

    You're Sarah.

  • What the fandom heard:

    You're not my Cosima. Where is my Cosima? Where is my puppy?


One of a kind

5 minute warning.

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All I really want
is to roll over to you
and tell you my dreams.

Typewriter Series #752 by Tyler Knott Gregson


Typewriter Series #752 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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She says I smell like safety and home. I named both of her eyes forever and please don’t go.
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And another cover…

spaced-out. come, join the club